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Hi Warren,

Thank you very much for the fantastic job done on my car. The car had a lot of surface rust and 50 plus years of coats of paint and bondy. It was a dilemma as to how to get into the very difficult areas to clean and remove the old paint, under seal and rust. Your process of returning the car back to its “birthday suit” of just plain steel is extremely good.

I could not believe the final finish on the panels and whole body after the process. Attached Pic’s of before and after of the panels and body.

Also the work done on my under body parts (bumper brackets, inner fender panels etc) that went through the same process and powder coated, they look like factory brand new.

This is the best process for a serious vehicle restoration by far.

I understand you do Aluminium parts also and sand blasting and I have more parts to restore and will need some put through these processes.

I did hear some various comments/rumours from people that panel seams leach liquid over a long period of time, but this was absolutely incorrect. The car was completely dry even inside the cavities within 2- 3 days.

After your work was completed, the treatment of seams, cavities and closed chamber rust proofing and sealing was relatively simple once I was set up. Also the use of modern epoxy etch primers to protect all of the newly cleaned steel surfaces left a superior starting point to the restoration.

Overall I was very impressed with the process and finish.

Thank you

Kind regards

Paul Berkahn